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Retailers sell a wide variety of products in aerosol containers in stores every day, because of their convenient and effective packaging. Of course, the vast majority of those aerosols are bought and consumed by the customers. Nevertheless, a significant volume is deemed unsaleable due to returns, expiration, defect, damage, recall, and product seasonality.

Some of these unsold/returned items are not wastes, because they are suitable for re-shelving, liquidation, secondary market sales, donation, or return to a manufacturer for credit. Ultimately, the remaining unsold/returned aerosol products often become wastes, and depending upon their composition, especially with aerosols, are classified as hazardous wastes.

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Retail Service Offerings:

We help Retailers eliminate this waste and recuperate value by managing all phases of the product life cycle.


  • Re-packaging Services: Sorting, inspecting for damage and expiration, cleaning of salvageable products, and repackaging them back into full cases which can be returned back to your supply chain.


  • Providing final disposal using sustainable recycling solutions for products that can't be salvaged.

Aerosol Unsaleable's

Regulatory complexity with respect to aerosols especially has steered most retailers to use an abundance of caution and handle all aerosols as hazardous wastes. This adds cost, increases regulatory burden, and negatively reflects on otherwise diligent efforts to reduce Retail waste.

Aerosols often represent ≥ 50% (by weight) of the Retailer's hazardous waste managed.

Typically, Retail aerosols are collected from returns, manifested and shipped on a hazardous waste manifest to waste disposal facilities that either fuel blend or incinerate aerosols providing very little benefit to the environment.

Because Recycle Aerosol reclaims and recycles each component of the can, we can receive retail aerosols excluded from RCRA hazardous waste designation, and without a manifest. Conserving natural resources and providing your company or brand with sustainable options for its waste.

We are committed to helping you exit RCRA, avoid the broad regulatory burdens by identifying the best reuse for individual aerosol components and even returning them back to market.

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