Our unique Tennessee aerosol processing center is the most sophisticated and complete aerosol recycling facility in North America.

The entire indoor operation (Staging and Processing) safeguards the community, customers, employees and the environment. The processing center began operation in 1988, operating within a purpose built, fully-licensed, and environmentally-compliant facility.

Since then, Recycle Aerosol’s facility in Bells, Tennessee has gone on to recycle tens of millions of aerosol cans over the last 30 years. Reclaiming a variety of commercial and institutional aerosol and non-aerosol products that are deemed unsaleable and removed from the supply chain for a variety of reasons such as off-spec, out of date, damaged, or seasonally-packaged.

Centrally Located

Conveniently located in the central part of West TN, just off Highway 412 and 12 miles north of US Interstate 40, the facility is situated on 10.5 acres zoned for commercial/industrial.

We are proud of our operation and welcome customer visits.  The site is a convenient drive from the Memphis airport. Contact us if you would like to visit and we will help you arrange a site tour and extend our heart-felt hospitality.

Learn About Our History

For over 30 years we've operated a custom engineered closed loop aerosol recycling process

Ensuring 100% capture of all components


Facility is ideally located on Hwy 412 and 12 miles north of Interstate 40.

Industrial location – zoned commercial/industrial.

All operations, product storage, & processing are located indoors.

Facility size - 130,000 sqft building on 10.5 acres.

12 unloading docks, 5 drive in doors.

Bulk receiving capabilities in pallets/gaylords/drums/totes/tankers.

Best Available Technology to recycle aerosol containers.

Regulatory – approved reclaim, recovery and recycling process that can process pressurized containers without the usual hazardous waste classification.

Site security – facility is monitored by alarms, equipped with CCTV security cameras, and the entire property is surrounded by a secure fence enclosure.

Aerosol Process Expansion

In 2012, Recycle Aerosol completed a major expansion on a new Aerosol Processing Facility. The commissioning and start-up increased processing capacity to 200,000 cans a day, giving it the largest and most technologically advanced aerosol recycling capacity in North America.  Our production/engineering team continuously makes process improvements that enhance the safety, flexibility and efficiency of our operation.

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